Why is this goal important?

Although the City of Seattle does not try every new social media platform or app, City staff do continually look to technology to provide new ways of engaging the public with programs and services. As Seattle residents and visitors depend on technology for communication and information, the City utilizes several different platforms to meet the residents where they are: online and through social media.

How is this goal measured?

The City is currently more than halfway through migrating our more than 100,000 webpages into a content management system, which provides a responsive design, allowing us to track site analytics (page views and unique visitors). Data from different channels and platforms, including the City’s main website, blogs, the Seattle Channel, and the social media channels Twitter and Facebook are used to calculate the number of people reached and engaged.


What progress are we making toward this goal?

The City expects to maintain a steady stream of visitors to our website, with our www.seattle.gov home page having an average of 3.4 million page views each month. We are currently on track to meet this goal with more than 17 million views as of June this year. Our entire www.seattle.gov website experiences an average of 6.7 million page views, with an average of more than 800,000 unique users each month.

As of June 2015, the City has had more than 33 million page views by more than 4 million unique users.The Seattle Channel’s site, www.seattlechannel.org, has seen nearly 1 million page views as of June this year, averaging nearly 200,000 each month. Seattle also publishes 44 blogs regularly. These are well read, with an average of 200,000 page views each month, totaling nearly one million as of June 2015, and an average of 82,000 unique users each month for a total of 414,000 visitors as of June 2015.